Why Supersetting Can Build Muscle Fast

Building muscle fast means you have to maximize your time in the gym and totally exhaust your muscles each and every time you work out. The most effective way to do this is through Supersetting your exercises. Only through Supersetting can you totally exhaust your muscles and achieve fast results that others dream of.

What is Supersetting?

Supersetting involves performing one exercise immediately after another exercise. Traditionally, Supersetting exercises involved the same muscle group. For example, you could perform the bench press and immediately after, perform dumbbell flyes. While this is effective, we recommend Supersetting opposing muscle groups, the same way Arnold Schwartzenegger did in his Mr.Olympian days.

Supersetting opposing muscle groups means you Superset muscles that perform opposite functions. For example, your chest is mainly responsible for pushing weight away from your body (think bench presses) while your back is mainly responsible for pulling weight towards your body (think pull downs). These are opposing muscle groups. Supersetting opposing muscle groups allows one muscle group to rest while the other muscle group is working. As a result, you can drastically reduce the time you spend in the gym if you Superset effectively.

Why Supersetting Works

Like we mentioned above, when you Superset opposing muscle groups, one muscle group rests while the other is working. This allows you to greatly reduce the time you need between exercises. Look at it this way, if you were to bench press and then perform flyes, your muscles would be very tired after just one set. In order to lift just as heavy weights the next set, you would have to take a minute or two to recoup. In contrast, when you Superset opposing muscle groups, you get to really hit two different muscle groups, rest for 20 – 30 seconds and then start again. As a result, you're able to lift heavy weights (a great tool to build muscle fast, check out our article, and work two muscle groups in the same time it would usually take you to work one muscle group.

Supersetting opposing muscle groups will keep your heart rate up and the blood pumping to your entire body. Thus, not only do you build wicked muscle mass but Supersetting opposing muscle groups, it’s an easy way to get a cardiovascular workout in (forget the treadmill) while making sure there is a continuous flow of nutrients to your muscles as you workout.

What Muscles Should You Superset

There are a couple of effective combinations you could do to Superset. Typically we will Superset chest and back, biceps and triceps, legs and shoulders, each grouping getting their own workout day. Additional combinations could include chest and biceps, legs and triceps, back and shoulders. Try different things out and see how fast you build muscle.

A note of caution though, while it is possible to Superset complimentary muscle groups, we do not recommend it. An example would be Supersetting chest and triceps. These two muscle groups are complimentary because while you exercise your chest, you typically use your triceps as a secondary muscle. We recommend you do not Superset complimentary muscles like this because both muscle groups are being used during an exercise and so, if you fatigue the smaller muscle group too quickly, the triceps in our example here, you will not be able to lift as heavy when exercising the larger, the chest in our example.