The Best Way To Build Muscle Fast

The absolute best way to build muscle fast is to lift heavy. You should be choosing a weight for your specific exercise that only allows you to perform 3 to 6 repetitions (reps). If you can do 7 or more reps, you need to increase the weight and if you can’t do 3, you should lower the weight. At the end of your last rep in every set, you should be at total failure and not able to perform another rep.

Why you need to lift heavy weights to build muscle quickly

Without getting too technical, there are two different types of muscle fibers, slow twitch and fast twitch. Fast twitch muscle is responsible for moving heavy weight but tires quickly – think Arnold Schwartzenegger. Slow twitch muscles are responsible for moving lighter weight while taking much longer to tire. Think of a long distance runner. Can you visualize the difference? Fast twitch muscle gives you the shape and definition of a lean and hard body while slow twitch is less defined and doesn’t look rock hard.

How do you find the right weight to lift to stimulate fast twitch muscle fibers?

There are a couple ways to find out what weight you should be using. You can easily Google “1 Rep Max” to determine what the maximum weight you “could” be lifting is. However, we don’t recommend doing that – people’s strength levels vary and the calculator recommends a weight that is too heavy, it’s easy to become married to it and hurt yourself. The best way to find your ideal exercise weights is to work from lighter to heavier with trial and error.

Your body is the only tool that will accurately tell you when a weight is too heavy or too light. Test out a weight and if you can do more than 6 reps, it’s too light - increase the weight by 10%. If you can’t even do 3 reps, the weight is too heavy - do the reverse and decrease it by 10%. The trick here is to find a weight that is appropriate for your strength level. Using this method, it is not uncommon to select a weight that you feel is too light and two weeks later discover you have to increase it. There’s no better feeling. Building muscle is a combination of strength levels and muscle size so don’t worry if you’re starting small, you’ll be building huge muscles quickly, trust us. Just be sure you don’t pick up a weight that’s too heavy because of your ego.

You need to focus to build muscle

One of the toughest things to get over when trying to build a huge chest and sculpt 18 inch arms is focusing. It’s really hard to pick up a 25lbs dumbbell to do dumbbell bench presses when the guy beside you is using 90lbs dumbbells and grunting like mad. However, you have to focus on what you are doing and where you’re at physically, learning to tone out the gym surrounding you. The motivation to cheat is incredibly powerful when you’re feeling inferior or small compared to others. However, the turtle definitely wins the race when building muscle.

Start within your limits and choose a weight that is right for you. Be strict with your form and make sure that, in trying to lift heavy, you aren’t sacrificing your form. You may feel amazing using 90lbs dumbbells but you’ll really feel stupid when that dumbbell crashes down on your chest and you can’t workout for 6 – 8 weeks.

Get a workout partner

The best way to ensure that you’re pushing yourself to the max and not cheating is to get a workout partner. Workout partners are great because they make it so much easier to find your limit and push through it – a key to building muscle quickly. It’s your workout partner’s responsibility to make sure your form is correct, to help you work through a sticking point (the point where you feel like you can’t move the weight though you aren’t totally exhausted) and to keep you safe. Your workout partner’s primary responsibility it to make sure you don’t hurt yourself first and to monitor your form second.

Some concluding tips:

  • Through trial and error, choose a weight that allows you to perform 3 – 6 reps.
  • Don’t sacrifice good form for heavy weights or you will hurt yourself.
  • You’ll build muscle quicker if you are working out with a partner who can push you.
  • Make sure your workout partner has the same goal as you – to build muscle quickly!