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Increase Your Workout Intensity to Build Muscle Fast

Here at, we try to focus on techniques to bulk you up quickly and a lot of these focus around greater workout intensity though we've never discussed it explicitly.

For example, supersetting, working out to exhaustion and slowing your reps down are all techniques that you can use to make your sets more intense.

The key to building muscle fast is to completely exhaust your muscles. You should only finish a set when you absolutely can not do another rep and can't hold the weight.

If you stop and suddenly realize, "I could have done another rep" or "I feel good", you cheated yourself - the end of a set should never feel good.

You only build muscle during the last few reps when you are really pushing your limits. Before that, all you are doing is tiring your muscles out in preparation for your new gains.

This is where a lot of people fail. They go to the gym, load up their weights, do a set and when the reps get to be a little difficult, they put the weight down.

These people are wasting their time and they're also the people that you hear saying, "I just can't build muscle", "It's my genetics", "I go to the gym 5 days a week and nothing".

The fact is, they go to the gym and wuss out. They're wasting their time and you need to stay the hell away from them.

The Secret to Building Muscle Fast

The secret to building muscle fast is being honest with yourself. Building muscle fast doesn't mean building muscle easily. You're muscles are going to burn, they're going to feel like they're too big for your skin and when you're done, you're going to feel like you can clean out a buffet entirely by yourself. But when you're done, you're going to look jacked and have made some real gains.

However, to get there, you have to admit whether you're giving up on a set because the muscle is burning and it's becoming too hard or whether your muscle has actually failed and you can't do another rep. That's the difference between building muscle and wasting your time in the gym.

When you're working out and your muscle starts to burn, it's because lactic acid is starting to build up. This is the results of your body creating energy by breaking down glucose is broken down and oxidized it to pyruvate. Your muscle tissue begins to create lactic acid faster than your muscles can remove it.

At this stage in the set, your mind will really start screwing with you. Your body and mind are adept at looking for the easy was out so you'll subconsciously begin to think you need to stop and you're tapped out.


Does Flexing Build Muscle?

Yes. Flexing is a great way to build muscle but it's not a matter of just standing in front of a mirror and posing. I'm sorry to shatter your dreams, but you won't win get those 19 inch biceps just by squeezing them. However, incorporating flexing into a solid workout program can definitely help you take your weight training to a new level.

3 Ways Flexing Can Build Muscle

There are a number of ways flexing can help you to build muscle. First, by flexing, you can quickly learn how to control your muscles and get a feel for when you are truly squeezing your muscles to the max. This is important because during every exercise, there is a specific part of the motion where you can transfer the weight you are using to your tendons, ligaments and joints -- something you definitely don't want to do.

For example, when you are performing preachers curls, at the top of the range of motion, you'll notice your biceps relax and the weight is transferred to your tendons and ligaments. However, if you flex and really squeeze your biceps at this stage in the exercise, you never give your bicep a chance to rest and you squeeze out that extra bit of exhaustion. This is huge if you want to build muscle fast.

How to Choose a Gym and Build Muscle Fast

Unless you have a big home gym that's more than one or two universal machines, you're going to need to buy a gym membership in order to build muscle fast. However, choosing the right gym is more than just price. You may have a cheap gym right beside your house or an alternative 15 minutes down the road - before you buy a membership at either, may sure you aren't setting yourself up for failure. Here's how to choose a gym to build muscle fast.

What kind of equipment does it have?

If you're looking to build some serious muscle, chances are you'll be using some heavy dumb bells and plates soon, need access to squat racks, bench presses, leg presses, etc. When you're choosing a gym, make sure it has a couple pieces of each equipment type so that you're not waiting around during your workout. If you're supersetting to build muscle fast, you should be keeping rest periods to a minimum so waiting around for equipment's definitely going to hinder your progress.

Why Supersetting Can Build Muscle Fast

Building muscle fast means you have to maximize your time in the gym and totally exhaust your muscles each and every time you work out. The most effective way to do this is through Supersetting your exercises. Only through Supersetting can you totally exhaust your muscles and achieve fast results that others dream of.

What is Supersetting?

Supersetting involves performing one exercise immediately after another exercise. Traditionally, Supersetting exercises involved the same muscle group. For example, you could perform the bench press and immediately after, perform dumbbell flyes. While this is effective, we recommend Supersetting opposing muscle groups, the same way Arnold Schwartzenegger did in his Mr.Olympian days.

Supersetting opposing muscle groups means you Superset muscles that perform opposite functions. For example, your chest is mainly responsible for pushing weight away from your body (think bench presses) while your back is mainly responsible for pulling weight towards your body (think pull downs). These are opposing muscle groups. Supersetting opposing muscle groups allows one muscle group to rest while the other muscle group is working. As a result, you can drastically reduce the time you spend in the gym if you Superset effectively.

Build Muscle Fast By Moving Slow

No matter what anyone tells you, you don’t need a Ph. D or to spend hours in the gym to build muscles fast - you just need to focus on the fundamentals. In addition to lifting heavy and compound exercises, the speed at which you do every exercise is hugely important. You should be focusing on, what we call, the Explode-5 principle.

The Explode-5 Principle

The Explode-5 principle just means that you should explode through the concentric portion of every exercise and take 5 seconds for the eccentric portion of every exercise.

The concentric portion of every exercise is the portion when you are moving the weight away from the starting position. This could be when you are pushing the barbell up from your chest in bench presses, pulling the weight down towards your chest during pull downs or standing back up during squats. Why should you do concentric portions fast? Because the faster you lift a load, the greater the force you are producing. The greater the force, the greater the muscle growth.

Top Three Exercises to Build Muscle Fast

The top three exercises that will help you build muscle fast are the Bench Press, Squats and Deadlifts. These three exercises are the grand dads of huge muscles and the backbone of any great workout program because they work more than one muscle group at a given time. Think about it, if you are working multiple muscles simultaneously, how much time do you think you need in the gym? That’s right, the more muscles you incorporate in an exercise, the less time you have to target each muscle individually, MEANING you build muscle FASTER!

What Are Compound Exercises?

There are basically two types of exercises, compound exercise and isolation exercises. Technically, compound exercises move the body through more than one joint movement while isolation exercises move the body through a single joint movement. In other words, compound exercises make you use multiple muscles at once.

3 High Intensity Videos to Help You Build Muscle Fast

Motivation is a huge component of building muscle fast. It's not uncommon for people to join a gym and let their membership gather dust only a few weeks later. To help you stay moviated in your quest to bulk up, here are 3 YouTube videos of arguably the greatest bodybuilding of all time, Arnold Schwartzenegger. If this doesn't give you the motivation to workout, we don't know what will!

The Best Way To Build Muscle Fast

The absolute best way to build muscle fast is to lift heavy. You should be choosing a weight for your specific exercise that only allows you to perform 3 to 6 repetitions (reps). If you can do 7 or more reps, you need to increase the weight and if you can’t do 3, you should lower the weight. At the end of your last rep in every set, you should be at total failure and not able to perform another rep.

Why you need to lift heavy weights to build muscle quickly

Without getting too technical, there are two different types of muscle fibers, slow twitch and fast twitch. Fast twitch muscle is responsible for moving heavy weight but tires quickly – think Arnold Schwartzenegger. Slow twitch muscles are responsible for moving lighter weight while taking much longer to tire. Think of a long distance runner. Can you visualize the difference? Fast twitch muscle gives you the shape and definition of a lean and hard body while slow twitch is less defined and doesn’t look rock hard.

How do you find the right weight to lift to stimulate fast twitch muscle fibers?